The dangers of asbestos roofing

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The dangers of asbestos roofing

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring material that is now well-known for its dangerous properties, and despite the fact that asbestos is now banned for use in construction, it is still present in many roof tiles across the UK. 

In this article, we’ll take you through the dangers of asbestos roofing, how to find out if you have an asbestos roof and how to safely replace it. 


The dangers of asbestos roofing

Historically, asbestos was mixed with other materials to be used as a strong, versatile and cheap building material – that was, until its hazards were discovered. 

It’s important to note and take comfort in the fact that, when undisturbed, asbestos roofing tiles pose no threat to humans. However, if asbestos is disturbed either through degradation or damage, that is when the problems start – and so it’s wise to both find out if your roof has asbestos and also to keep an eye on its condition. 

Inhalation of asbestos fibres can lead to lung and pulmonary diseases, lung cancer or physical blockages and inflammation. This can happen for years with no signs or symptoms, making it a gradual and silent threat. These ailments were initially observed in miners and factory workers who handled asbestos, which alerted the wider world to its dangers. 

How do I know if I have asbestos roofing?

Some people may be able to identify the presence of asbestos by sight, either by its texture or colour. However, often asbestos is not so clearly identifiable, especially if it’s mixed with cement. The only way to truly know if your roof is made from asbestos is to get a professional to carry out a survey, along with testing of a sample, in order to determine if asbestos is present. From this evidence, you are in a good position to act. 

How do I remove asbestos roofing?

If your asbestos roof is old, damaged or slowly deteriorating, it’s vital to your health and the health of other building users that the roofing is safely removed by a professional and replaced with an alternative.

Because of the dangers posed by this material, it is not advised that you remove an asbestos roof yourself, as if it’s incorrectly done, it could release harmful microscopic asbestos fibres into the atmosphere. Here at Prothos Roofing, we’re specialists in the safe, professional removal of asbestos roofing for commercial sites – along with replacement of the roofing with a harmless alternative. 

The team at Prothos Roofing can remove, coat or repair asbestos roofing in line with approved industry techniques, ensuring a safe service that your business can rely on. To discuss your needs with our experts, just get in touch today – we operate throughout the UK.

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