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Clean & coat asbestos roof replace rooflights


£ 36,000


ALS was in the process of refurbishing the interior of their UK head office. The roof leaks had to be fixed to prevent damage to expensive labeling equipment and the new office area on the first floor. A long term solution was required. Total roof area 1000m2.

Roof replacement was not an option as the building was in constant use and could not close for extended periods of time. We opted for a simple, pressure clean, water filtering of waste water to 5 microns, prep & coating, the rooflights was replaced and bolted from the outside only, saving on internal access equipment and disruption to the workforce inside.

The major area of water ingress was the because of extreme weather causing the Asbestos to degrade and bolt washers wearing away. This is the main problem we see with asbestos roofs.

The project was completed on time and budget with no complications. The roof is now guaranteed for 10 years.

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