Cladding Cleaning

We offer a wide range of cleaning services from brick cleaning, roof cleaning to window cleaning

Commercial & Industrial External Building Cleaning

Industrial & Commercial Cladding Cleaning


The outside of your building is the first thing clients and potential clients will see. Set the right impression with a gleaming exterior.


If your exterior cladding is looking dark and dirty, give us a call to arrange a cleaning quote today.


We have all the specialist equipment and expertise required to bring your metal cladding back to its former glory. No two projects are the same so the one size (or service) option does not apply to cladding cleaning. We use specialist pressure washer, steam cleaners and detergents to ensure your cladding is totally clean. 


Safe access is a big factor in cladding cleaning as most jobs are on busy industrial estates or shopping centers and scaffold is not always an option. All our staff hold an IPAF license so we can quickly and safely access hard to reach cladding.


Size is not an issue for us, we can provide free, no obligation quotes for cladding cleaning projects of any size and most of the time, we can send a budget quote based on images you send us and by utilising google maps.


We don't just clean cladding either. We can also clean & repair your roof, flashing, gutters & much more.


Some of the exterior cleaning, repairing, maintenance, and restoration services we offer are;

  • Brick cleaning - using steam cleaning at low pressure, they will look like new

  • Cladding - Removal of pollution dirt and organic matter such as lichen &  algae.

  • Graffiti removal - Safe removal with minimal damage to the surface.

  • Cladding restoration - Application of protective coatings to cladding and window frames.

  • Window Cleaning - High reach pure water systems

  • Solar panel cleaning - Solar farms and rooftop systems cleaned


Where possible, we avoid using harmful chemicals which are harmful to aquatic life. We would only use such chemicals only after all other avenues have been exhausted. The majority of our work can be complete using no chemicals at all! Just steam or cold water pressure washing

Health & Safety

All of our staff are fully trained to use our specialist equipment and also hold cscs cards, IPAF & Asbestos awareness.


We provide full method statements & risk assesments for every job.

We have £5 million public & employers liability insurance for pressure washing & asbestos work.


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