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Internal Asbestos Encapsulation



Encapsulation is a cheap and safe alternative to  asbestos removal. Asbestos is not an issue as long as its left alone and coated. In fact, its more harmful to remove an asbestos material, than cover it with a coating. We have can spray, brush or roller apply an impregnating asbestos coating which will last for many years. We can encapsulate all types of asbestos from corrugated roofs or internal insulation to pipe lagging and ceiling tiles.


We will inform HSE before we carry out any asbestos work and fully conform to all regulations. This ensure everyone is safe and the project goes smoothly.


As its the underside which is being coated, the paint doesnt have to have UV stable pigments, meaning its generally much cheaper than outdoor paints.


Applying a coating will prevent the asbestos from cracking, flaking and breaking from any knock or movement.


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